#IMMOOC Week 5: Moving On


#IMMOOC and #InnovatorsMindset have had a major impact on my thinking in several ways. One is that I am finally convinced of the importance of blogging, even though (or perhaps especially because) I find it stressful to write for an audience. Keeping up a blog as a place to process and share your work and your thinking creates an incredible way to show your learning over time, and allows you to connect with others. Moving forward, I commit to writing on this blog, even when it is no longer an assignment for a class I’m taking. I commit to using blogs with more of my students, and I aspire to find a way to allow them to maintain their blogs over several years so that they too can have the experience of seeing their own growth and learning through reflective writing.

Another major change in my thinking that has registered as a result of this MOOC is that I now understand how Twitter can be deeply beneficial for me as a learner, and I can engage with a wider community as part of a PLN. I will be more likely to both hear about and take advantage of opportunities like this MOOC as a more connected educator. The more I speak up, the less afraid I am of being an illegitimate or uninformed voice—and community is only created when members contribute. In the future I will be a better community member as a part of the world of librarians online.


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